Showdown Looms on Boston College Subpoenas


It’s fish or cut bait time. We wish to thank those who have steadfastly persevered with our advocacy efforts as the litigation battle winds down.  Now every effort must be made to persuade our Attorney General, Secretary of State and the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that this is an American issue.  We ask for resolute action to uphold American treaty obligations, to protect U. S. interests in support of the Irish peace process, to safeguard the constitutional freedoms of  journalists and defend the integrity of historical research and  academic freedom. 

Please remember the actions we seek will not be taken on letters alone but on a dialogue at meetings and repeated phone calls seeking specific answers.  We believe you genuinely care about the Irish peace process and recognize that these subpoenas are the latest of many actions the British have taken to deny justice and to re-write the history of the conflict.

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