Help Us Fight for a Reunited Ireland

Jim Caldwell and past chapter President Mary Mannion participate in a march commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Hunger Strikes May 2011

“Liberty and justice for all” are words that ring loud and clear in our American ears. When looking back in history, there are many defining moments of great leaders standing up and speaking out for their generations and generations to come. The truth is though, we can all be great leaders because we all have a voice! It is our duty to stand up and speak to the issues that face our generation and future generations. Contact your Senators and Representatives today.

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  • BOSTON COLLEGE ACTION ALERT: Call your Senators and Members of Congress and ask them to write a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder.  We want our elected Representatives to ask them to withdraw the subpoenas the British Government wants to obtain confidential oral histories by former Irish republicans.  These actions go against the spirit and letter of the Good Friday Agreement and the U.S. Government should not be a party to elements of the British government who want to disrupt the progress made these last several years.
  • Campaign for a United Ireland – Has your State Legislature passed a resolution in support of a United Ireland?  Have you asked a state representative to sponsor such a resolution?  If not, contact for more details and wording for a draft resolution.