Pittsburgh IAUC Members

From left is Patti Flaus, Mary Ellen Myers, Shirley Murphy and Joy Short with former deportee, Malachy Mc Allister in Derry.


2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Pittsburgh

Members of IAUC braved the 10 degree weather to march in the 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh on Saturday, March 12th.


U2 – New Year’s Day


Irish American Conference Stands with the Ukrainian People

March 4, 2022…Once again, the world has witnessed a brutal imperialist regime, bristling with deadly weaponry, invade a neighboring country and murder thousands of innocent civilians. Vladimir Putin will be condemned in history alongside such arch-villains as Hitler and Stalin, both of whom invaded Poland in similar manner. This act […]


Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission Hearing on Accountability for Human Rights Abuses during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

February 15, 2022.


The RUC beat my father and uncle half to death but I’m not supposed to remember that

British gov to produce an ‘official’ history of Northern Ireland conflict, Sinn Féin Representative for North America reacts. Ciarán Quinn @IrishCentral Nov 22, 2021 The Irish Central In this personal piece Ciarán Quinn, Sinn Féin Representative for North America, responding to reports of British Government plans to produce an ‘official’ […]


2021 Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh

IAUC Secretary Sarah McAuliffe with Pittsburgh IAUC member Lorraine Starsky enjoying the Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh on September 18th.


A date must be set for an Irish border poll

The time to set a firm date for a referendum on Irish unity is now. The legal requirement for a border poll as envisioned in the 1998 Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement needs to be embraced and facilitated by the Irish and British governments. The GFA provides that a poll on […]


IAUC Condemns Racism

OUR OUTRAGE We, the Officers of the Irish American Unity Conference, express our outrage at the ongoing, deep-seated, brutal racism that is destroying the fabric of our country. We condemn in particular the recent cold-blooded murders of African-American fellow citizens, including children, in Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Florida, New York City, […]


Irish American Unity Conference Statement on Conviction of Derek Chauvin

The conviction by a Minnesota jury of police officer Derek Chauvin on second- and third-degree murder charges brings a much needed sense of relief, and hope, for all of us who believe in equal justice under the law. The guilty verdicts are an important new link in the arc of […]