Key Issues of the Irish American Unity Conference

Promoting Fair and Equitable Investment – Support the MacBride Principles

It is the stated position of the US government that the promotion of investment in the north of Ireland is integral for the lasting security and stability of the new power-sharing government. While the IAUC agrees wholeheartedly with this assessment, we also believe that in order to truly promote stability and build a foundation for lasting change, such investment must be inclusive,  just and reflective of the real needs of the entire community in the north of Ireland. This campaign focuses on the encouragement of American investors to make fully formed investment decisions that benefit all sectors of society–especially those communities who have experienced a historical and enduring state of social and economic inequality.  U.S.businesses hoping to invest in the north of Ireland should sign on to the MacBride Principles to ensure equal employment opportunities for all citizens of the north of Ireland

Establishing a Truth Commission to Deal with the Legacy of the Past

We support the efforts of victims’ groups in Ireland and agree that the development of a Truth Commission, with full political support from the United States, is the best way to deal with the legacy of the past, begin to heal old wounds, and bring people together to build a future that is inclusive and just. It is our belief that grassroots, community-led initiatives, where victims’ rights are at the forefront, are essential to the security of a lasting peace and require international support to be most effective.

 A Final Resolution to the “Deportees” Issue

There are at least fifteen Irish Republican activists, former political prisoners, and their families living here in the USA. Known collectively as “the Deportees,” these men have been the targets of a vindictive and anachronistic policy to deny them the right to live with any peace or security. For years, they have faced ongoing harassment from Homeland Security in the form of denied and delayed work permits, denial of travel authorization papers, bureaucratic obstructionism, and an uncertain future. They have been denied the basic human decency of visiting dying family members or attending funerals of parents and siblings, knowing there is no guarantee of re-entry once they leave this country. The IAUC believes that it is time for the US government to take immediate and decisive action to normalize the immigration status of all former Irish republican POWs.

Supporting an Independent, International Finucane Inquiry

The IAUC unequivocally supports a full public, independent, international inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane, as recommended by Judge Peter Cory. A failure to uncover the truth in this case undermines the British government’s commitment to basic democratic principles and human rights, while giving credence to the widespread perception that members of the security forces in the north of Ireland have been able to operate outside the law with impunity. The IAUC remains steadfast in its commitment to see that the British government live up to their commitment at Weston Park and ensure that the Finucane inquiry is allowed to proceed under terms agreeable to the Finucane family.

Transfer of Policing and Justice Powers

The IAUC believes that the issue of policing continues to be at the heart of many of the problems that politicians have been unable to resolve in the north of Ireland. Police agencies must respect all members of the community and all political parties. 




Irish Language Task Force

The Irish language is at the center of the contemporary struggle for equality in the north of Ireland. Irish speakers continue to face discrimination and the need for rights-based Irish language legislation is greater than ever before. The IAUC believes that the Irish Language Act would provide many opportunities for the growth of the language and for the provision of services to current speakers. In addition, we fear that the lack of funding and support from the government has the potential to choke economic renewal opportunities in the growth of the tourism industry related to the Irish language. Please join us in promoting the Act and other endeavors in support of the rights of Irish language speakers in Ireland!

Campaign for a United Ireland

Since its establishment in 1983, the IAUC has been committed to the struggle for a united Ireland. Though we believe that involvement in each of our political campaigns will only lead us further down the road towards its realization, we are dedicated to the promotion of a united Ireland through education and the promotion of political debate.