Treacherous Britain (Perfidious Albion) At It Again


The UK’s proposed legislation to undermine the Withdrawal Agreement presents a serious threat to the Good Friday Agreement (GFA), the border and the peace process.

This is an important time for Irish America to make its voice heard loud and clear. Please contact your Congressional reps (House and Senate) and say:

“The United Kingdom is threatening to break their Brexit commitments, which will jeopardize the Good Friday Agreement. I do not support a trade deal between the US/UK if it jeopardizes the Good Friday Agreement and I request that Congressperson (insert name) work with Chairman Richie Neal to protect peace in Ireland.”

Your Congressperson’s contact information can be found at:

In talking with your Congressperson’s office, it is not necessary to go into deep detail. If you wish, you can add the following information:

  • The dismantling of the border and relative peace in the North of Ireland is due to the GFA, and continued peace is reliant on the GFA.
  • The British Government on September 9 introduced legislation that, by its own admission, would “breach” its obligations to the EU and Ireland under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.
  • The effect of the legislation seriously jeopardizes the GFA and consequently the seamless invisible border in Ireland.

It is not necessary to speak directly with your Congressman/woman. Conversations with Staff are just as important and sometimes more effective (Staff always make notes of their communications with constituents).

For assistance please contact Peter Kissel at



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