Irish Unity Push Strengthens


San Francisco – In the last few months the campaign for a united Ireland has gained momentum. Resolutions and proclamations supporting Irish unity have been adopted across the United States. From New York City to Long Beach California, American’s are voicing their support for a united Ireland.

According to Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, “Irish America holds the key to a united Ireland.” Speaking at the San Francisco, California United Ireland Forum in 2009, Adams stated that Irish Americans and the Irish Diaspora would be crucial in any attempt to unite the 32 counties. “This generation can make that dream a reality,” Adams said, “That means not just dreaming about or singing about it, but actually doing something about it.”

Long Beach City Councilman Patrick O’Donnell stated that “The democratic reunification of Ireland is the ultimate roadmap to peace and prosperity for the Irish nation and its people;”

Along with Long Beach, resolutions have recently been passed in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, Springfield, Massachusetts and the humanitarian organization, Veterans For Peace chapters in New York City and Denver, Colorado.

Montana’s Lewis and Clark County signed a proclamation on March 17th, supporting a united Ireland, declaring that “The time has come to end partition of Ireland in favor of a united sovereign nation that guarantees equal rights and equal opportunities for all its citizens”.

These recent resolutions now join a growing list of U.S. cities, counties, states and prominent organizations calling for Irish reunification by democratic, electoral means, as provided for under the Good Friday Agreement. Previous resolutions have been adopted by the San Francisco, Ca. Board of Supervisors, Massachusetts State Senate and Assembly, New Jersey State Senate, Rhode Island State Senate, California State Senate, Lewis and Clark County, Montana. The cities councils of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Portland, Oregon, Cleveland, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois, Saint Louis, Missouri, New Bedford, Massachusetts, Bergen County, New Jersey, Portland, Oregon and Syracuse, New York. Organizations: Ancient Order of Hibernian’s, Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernian, Irish American Unity Conference. San Francisco Labor Council, Mercer County, New Jersey Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Middlesex County Labor Council, New Jersey AFL-CIO etc…

Bill May, president of the Denver chapter 079, Veterans for Peace, commented “Among the countries of the world, there is still one region that is a remnant of the British Empire: the north of Ireland. It is time for a united Ireland, and we now have an opportunity to seize the high moral ground and support the unification of the Irish people.”

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By George Trainor

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