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England’s Difficulty…BREXIT is Ireland’s Opportunity

Peter Kissel, National President
As we embark on 2019, two overarching, interrelated matters remain uppermost in importance to the IAUC’s work: Brexit, and preservation of the Good Friday Agreement. I believe that the UK’s penultimate “own goal” will prove to be a huge impetus for uniting Ireland, and also will be beneficial to the Republic of Ireland in several ways. At the same time, I am not sanguine about the serious problems Ireland is about to face regarding
the border and economically, as well as the existential threat to the GFA.

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The following message has been received by the Committee on the Administration of Justice in appreciation of the IAUC’s 2018 donation

The committee on the Administration of Justice (CAJ) was established in the 1981 and is an independent non-governmental organisation working for human rights and affiliated to the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH). CAJ takes no position on the constitutional staus of Nortern Ireland and is firmly opposed to the use of violence fdor political ends. Its membership is drawn from across the community.

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