IAUC Adopts United Ireland Resolution


Resolution of the Irish American Unity Conference in Support of a United Ireland

WHEREAS, Ireland and its people are an ancient and distinct island nation; and;

WHEREAS, the people of Ireland have the right and responsibility to govern themselves; and          

WHEREAS, human and civil rights are naturally endowed, inalienable rights and are best guaranteed by a freely instituted, duly elected and independent government; and

WHEREAS, Governments derive their just powers solely from the consent of the governed; and       

WHEREAS, the Good Friday Agreement, negotiated with American support, ratified by the governments of Ireland and Britain, and endorsed by the all-Ireland referendum, includes provisions for achieving a United Ireland through democratic and peaceful methods; and 

WHEREAS, the United States and all States in this Union have greatly benefited from contributions made by men and women who descended from the island of Ireland who migrated to the United States in times of famine and war to seek a better life but whose hearts desire peace and unity for their ancestral home;                      

            NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Irish American Unity Conference strongly supports the rights of Irish people to freely elect an all-Ireland independent Republic that represents their interests in the belief that the unification of Ireland will advance lasting peace and prosperity; and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Irish American Unity Conference respectfully urges the governments of Ireland and Britain to formally study the implications of a United Ireland and otherwise ensure facilitation of the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement regarding a United Ireland; and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Irish American Unity Conference is hereby authorized and directed to send certified copies of this resolution to the Taoiseach and President of Ireland, the British Prime Minister and Parliament, the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the United States Ambassador to Ireland, the Irish Ambassador to the United States, and such other persons that the Secretary in his or her discretion may deem proper, or that the Board may direct, in order to effectuate the purpose of this resolution in support of a United Ireland.

                                                                                                            April 12, 2011


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