Gerry McGeough Freed – Finally!


From Republican News – Political prisoner Gerry McGeough has been released from Maghaberry  Prison after serving two years of his sentence for his part in an IRA  action more than 30 years ago. The former Sinn Fein Ard Chomhairle member was arrested in 2007 at an  election count centre after he stood for election to the Stormont  Assembly as an independent republican. He was handed a 20-year sentence  in 2011.  Although suffering from ill-health, Mr McGeough took part in the dirty  protest by non-conforming prisoners at the jail, and a global campaign  was fought by republican and human rights activists to win his freedom. Under the terms of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, McGeough qualified to  apply for early release after serving a minimum of two years. However,  there had been concerns that the veteran republican might not be  released. Former publicity director of the Irish Northern Aid Committee Martin  Galvin, joined Mr McGeough as he was freed and will address a function  tonight in Dungannon to welcome him home.He said: “Gerry McGeough is seen by many nationalists as a victim of  British injustice. “The British soldiers who shot dead 14 unarmed civilians on Bloody  Sunday have never been charged yet the Crown showed no hesitation in  moving against this respected republican on decades-old charges.”


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