Don’t Ban Irish on Aer Lingus!


A group in Ireland has started a petition in support of the Irish language on Aer Lingus flights after the company instructed their crew to stop using the Irish language during in-flight announcements on all Belfast routes.  From the petition:

Aer Lingus have instructed their crew to stop using the Irish Language
during in-flight announcements on the new Belfast-London Heathrow route.

The airline’s decision has been critised by people from all political persuasions.

This petition is a message to the decision makers at Aer Lingus,
including CEO Dermot Mannion, Finance Director Greg O’Sullivan, and
Chairman John Sharman, that this decision is not acceptable to us,
their customers.

We want them to realise that in attempting to eliminate Irish, they are
offending far more people than they ever could by simply speaking it.

Can you imagine Air France not allowing their crew to speak French? Could you see Lufthansa banning German?

Aer Lingus is an Irish airline, and the name itself comes from the Irish words for air fleet!


Sign the petition here, and join the group on Facebook.


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