British Deny Murdered Lawyer Rosemary Nelson Any Justice


Read Lawyers Alliance for Justice in Ireland founder and longtime IAUC member, Ed Lynch’s letter published in today’s Belfast Telegraph:

On March 15,1999 human rights lawyer Rosemary Nelson was murdered outside of her home in Lurgan because she successfully fought British injustice.

In the ensuing 11 years, the British Government has dissembled, conducted an inquiry and waged a campaign of delay and obfuscation. What this Government has not done is seek the truth. Ms Nelson represented causes and individuals unpopular in Northern Ireland – nationalist residents subject to Orange Order harassment, scapegoat defendants falsely charged with terrorist offences and citizens alleging police abuse.

As a consequence, she was subject to threats and vile slander – some emanating from identified members of the RUC.

Rather than protect Rosemary Nelson, officials of the British Government failed to take responsible action and allowed a climate of hatred and imminent violence to fester. Sadly, this led miscreants to plant a bomb that took Ms Nelson’s life .

As the 11th anniversary of this sad day approaches, one can only conclude that, in the case of Rosemary Nelson, British justice has not only been delayed – it has also been denied.

Denville, New Jersey


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