Annual Commemoration of Irish Patriot Robert Emmet


The Irish American Unity Conference was proud to hold its annual commemoration of Irish Patriot Robert Emmet on Sunday, September 20, despite the pandemic preventing us from an open, public gathering. We thank the National Park Service, the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Irish Embassy for working with us to make this year’s event possible. We greatly appreciate Ambassador Dan Mulhall’s observations on Emmet’s connection to Europe, Ireland, and the US, and the continued relevance of his example in today’s world. We also thank Keith Carney of FedNet for filming the event and thereby allowing us to post it for viewing.

Emmet’s sacrifice continues to be relevant in 2020, particularly as the British Government has declared its determination to brazenly breach the Withdrawal Agreement by dishonoring the Irish Protocol it signed with the European Union in order to maintain its ironclad control over the six counties in the North of Ireland, which are not yet free and independent. In keeping with Robert Emmet’s declaration upon his death, his epitaph cannot yet be written because all of Ireland has not yet taken its place among the nations of the world.


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