A meeting of the American Brexit Committee


A meeting of the American Brexit Committee was convened ABC Secretary Michael Cummings at John Dearie’s law office in New York on January 23. IAUC members Jack O’Brien, Leslie Cassidy, Kevin Barry, Peter Kissel, and Jim Gallagher joined their colleagues from the AOH, Brehon Law Society and American Committee on American-Irish Relations to continue formulating Irish American strategy in response to Brexit.

The discussion focused on two main items: 1) issuing a statement of concern about Brexit’s impact on Ireland and in particular the Good Friday Agreement; and 2) formulating strategy to monitor the anticipated US-UK trade deal and securing conditions on any such deal to hold the UK to its GFA obligations. Irish Consul General Ciaran Madden also addressed the meeting to provide an update on the status of Brexit. Consul Madden affirmed Ireland’s position that the backstop will not be abandoned. The Committee members present expressed their strong belief that Ireland must stand firm, and requested of the Consul that Ireland become active in Congress’ consideration of the US-UK trade pact.


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