2018 Congressional Questionnaire on Irish Issues


The Irish American Unity Conference has worked for over thirty years towards the peaceful reunification of Ireland.

America is home to a significantly high proportion of Irish-Americans, many of whom still claim close ancestral links to Ireland, north and south, and who also belong to Irish fraternal, cultural and political groups. Therefore, we are interested in learning your position on the following current Irish issues and ask that you complete this questionnaire and return your responses by email to sarahm1916@comcast.net no later than October 19, 2018.

  1. Do you support the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement by both signatories (Ireland and the United Kingdom)?
  2. Do you support Congressional efforts to ensure that any new United States post-Brexit trade agreements between the United States and the UK be conditioned on the resolution of outstanding commitments of the Good Friday Agreement by the United Kingdom?
    If no, please explain why not.
  3. Do you believe that the unification of Ireland is an issue that the United States Government should be involved in if the British and Irish governments call upon it for guidance?

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Please do not hesitate to contact me if necessary. Sarah McAuliffe-Bellin, National Secretary Sarahm1916@comcast.net 412-512-9388

P.O. Box 55573
Washington, DC 20040


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