Ballymurphy The Aftermath

This play tells the story of The Ballymurphy Massacre in 1971 and the campaign that the families have waged to reveal the truth about the situation to the world.
The play was a huge success at last years Feile, shocking and moving its audience. The Daily Mirror called it ‘unflinching’ and ‘unsanitised’.
the campaign carries on, a recent victory was the decision to reopen the inquests on 10 of the deaths. But a few weeks ago, Owen Paterson,the secretary of state, announced that there would be no public enquiry into the killings, that it would not be in the public interest. How does he define public interest. Which public? Whose interest?
The Ballymurphy Families have sent an open invitation to Owen Paterson to come along to the play to see if this heart rending tragedy in which the families have lived through and continue to search for the Truth of the deaths of their loved ones for the last 40 years is not in the public interest.
Directed by Pam Brighton and written by award winning playwrite of a ‘Night with George’ and Ballymurphy ‘The Aftermath’ Brenda Murphy
the Play runs from 5th August to 12th August at Conway Mill 
If you’d like to know more about the situation then come and see this powerful, emotional and Aisling Award winning play. What it reveals is so shocking that it can only be in the public interest that the actions of the soldiers and the situation are fully revealed.

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