The U.S. Role in the Irish Conflict

THE U. S. ROLE IN THE IRISH CONFLICT  By Michael Cummings  Most Americans have become accustomed to thinking that Britain’s partition of Ireland in 1920 without benefit of one Irish vote and the conflict that ensues today is solely Britain’s doing. Not exactly. The British government could not have perfected partition without America’s help. Indifference […]


The Search for Truth: British Style

By Mike Cummings – IAUC Board Member  LATELY, there have been some unflattering portrayals of the British government in action.   There were the public inquiries:  the Leveson Commission examining newspaper illegality and collusion with government officials and the Hillsborough Commission revealing police incompetence and deceit related to the deaths of […]


May 4, 2012 Coalition Press Release on State Dept Meeting of April 24, 2012

ANCIENT ORDER OF HIBERNIANS, BREHON LAW SOCIETY  & IRISH AMERICAN UNITY CONFERENCE IRISH AMERICAN GROUPS APPEAL TO CLINTON;  FOLLOWS STATE DEPARTMENT SESSION  Denver, Philadelphia & NYC May 4, 2012 The State Department recently hosted a free ranging discussion of issues of concern to Irish American groups and today three of […]


Helsinki Commission Hearing, March 21, 2012, Washington, DC

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