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Here is a link to listen to the oral arguments that were held today on this matter.

Update on the oral argument from Mike Cummings:  Jimmy Cotter the State side attorney for Moloney & McIntyre and Eamonn Dornan, the Irish side had their day in court.   The three judge panel all asked questions and were engaged in the issues.  Although questions were asked of both the government and the plaintiffs, some of the more pointed questions seem directed at the governments action.  I was warned not to read too much into that. Jimmy indicated that the Court will likely rule in the next 2 months.  He has no way of gauging whether it will be sooner or later than that.  There was good media coverage both the day before and the day of the appeals argument.

As you may all know we have had a flurry of activity on the political front with Clinton and/or Holder letters coming from Congressman Pascarell (NJ), Senator Scott Brown (MA) (first major Republican), Congressman Mike Doyle(PA) and Congressman Steve Rothman (NJ), in addition to Senators Kerry and Schumer and state legislators from Massachusetts.  Senator Kerry’s op-ed piece in the Boston Herald  was excellent.  This effort must be continued.  From reports it appears that we may get several more letters before weeks’ end.  The absence of some past reliable members of Congress is puzzling but too often we take some people for granted and everyone feels that someone else will do it or because of past support it will be a slam dunk.  No Member of Congress ever acted without someone somewhere asking them to do so.  So remember our friends even as you test the unchartered waters of other Members of Congress.

We may well open up the ‘foreign’ front even as we expand our work on the domestic lobbying efforts.  I hope to have a good list of CURRENT adderesses and fax numbers of offices by Monday next and if you could take a deep breath and add that to your agenda the Coalition would be grateful.  Finally, a short note of thanks to those elected officials would be appropriate.  I know some of you practically had to use a crowbar to get these letters but some Members of Congress are very reticent to do such things especially in an area of foreign policy etc.  As our Lord said  “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”A very Joyous Easter to all and to our Jewish supporters like Senator Schumer a Happy Pesach

Senator Kerry’s piece:  Click here for the full article <http://BostonHerald.com/news/opinion/op_ed/view.bg?articleid=1061121996> Irish future shouldn’t get lost in violent past 

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