The State Department’s unwarranted downgrade of an ambassador


In an obvious snub to our allies in Europe, the U.S. State Department has secretly downgraded the status of the EU Ambassador to Washington for purposes of priority seating at diplomatic events, without the courtesy of even telling the Ambassador and without explanation. Whether this action was instigated by President Trump’s expressed disdain for our traditional allies, or independently by personnel in the State Department is not known, but it is shameful. Following is a letter by IAUC President Peter Kissel published by the Washington Post on January 15:

By Letters to the Editor

January 14 at 5:29 PM

It was with considerable distress that I read the State Department has downgraded the European Union ambassador’s protocol status [“U.S. downgrades status of E.U.’s ambassador,” news, Jan. 9]. While the E.U. ambassador position may not be widely known to many, it is highly regarded by those of us who have dealt with and come to know Ambassador David O’Sullivan. Mr. O’Sullivan is an outstanding diplomat in the true sense of the term. He is extremely knowledgeable about current issues affecting this country, including, in particular, Brexit’s fallout and U.S. trade relations with our allies.

Equally significant, Mr. O’Sullivan is respectful and respected by all who know him, dignified and intelligent, and his observations and advice on international relations are invariably incisive. The State Department’s petty, petulant maneuver is shameful and should be reversed.

Peter C. Kissel, Washington

The writer is national president of the Irish American Unity Conference.

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