The High Court for Northern Ireland has ruled…


The High Court for Northern Ireland has ruled that the Northern Ireland Executive is in breach of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 due to its failure to adopt a strategy to accommodate the Irish language, as required by the Belfast Agreement as amended by the St. Andrew’s Agreement.

The key holding of the March 3 decision is that: “The court is of the opinion that it should make a declaration that the Executive Committee has failed, in breach of its statutory duty under 28D (1) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998, to adopt a strategy setting out how it proposes to enhance and protect the development of the Irish language.

The decision relies on the 2015 decision in CAJ and Gormally, brought by our friend Brian Gormally in his capacity as Director of the Committee on the Administration of Justice. The IAUC hosted Brian and his colleagues during their visit to Washington and Congress. The CAJ does tremendous work on justice issues and I strongly recommend them to any who may not be familiar with their work.

Read the judicial review

Peter C. Kissel, President
Irish American Unity Conference


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