Irish American Conference Stands with the Ukrainian People


March 4, 2022…Once again, the world has witnessed a brutal imperialist regime, bristling with deadly weaponry, invade a neighboring country and murder thousands of innocent civilians. Vladimir Putin will be condemned in history alongside such arch-villains as Hitler and Stalin, both of whom invaded Poland in similar manner. This act of unprovoked war serves as a sobering reminder to all of us that oppressors, macho dictators, and war-mongers are a constant threat to peace and freedom.

Kenya’s U.N. Ambassador Martin Kimani, addressing the UN Security Council last week, drew a stark parallel between Russia’s brazen aggression and European countries’ history of ruthless occupation of peace-loving nations. Ambassador Kimani evoked Africa’s colonial past to warn of the dangers of stoking the “embers of dead empires.” In words equally applicable to Ireland’s gerrymandered border callously imposed by England, he reminded the world that “This situation echoes our [Africa’s] history. Our borders were not of our own drawing. They were drawn in the distant colonial metropoles of London, Paris, and Lisbon, with no regard for the ancient nations that they cleaved apart.”

The IAUC stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their fight for peace, freedom, and independence. We are outraged at the violence visited upon them by the Russian War Machine, and we are heartened to witness their resistance against overwhelming odds. Their predicament resonates painfully with the Irish people’s long suffering at the hands of a brutal, oppressive occupation by a foreign power, the harsh consequences of which continue to plague the citizens of the North of Ireland.

Vladimir Putin and his enablers should be charged with crimes against humanity before the International Court of Justice. We pray for Ukraine, its leaders, and its people, and we urge freedom-loving people everywhere to take action in support of free, democratic Ukraine.


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