News Coverage

02.01.12 – Foyle MP on Ballymurphy families trip to Downing St., Derry Journal
01.26.12 – John Kerry Getting Involved in U.K. Case Over Irish Republican Army Fighters, The Atlantic
01.25.12 – Ballymurphy families seek talks with David Cameron, BBC
01. 23. 12 – Boston College Ordered to Release IRA Recordings, ABC News (Associated Press)
01.18.12 – Leaders angry over BC case ruling, The Irish Echo
01.23.11 – Group issues SOS in BC battle, The Irish Echo
11.15.11 – Ballymurphy families welcome inquests, BBC
11.14.11 – New inquests into Ballymurphy deaths, UTV News
11.09.11 – Irish Americans meet Paterson in NY, Boston College Subpoena
10.28.11 – IAUC Letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Boston College Subpoena
10.05.11 – Emmet honored in D.C. ceremony, The Irish Echo
10.13. 11 – Sec. Clinton asked to intervene on subpoena for oral histories of IRA members, The Hill
09.09.11 – Irish groups angry over British subpoenas for Boston College IRA interview records, Irish Central
08.12.11 – Ballymurphy families demand inquiry,
06.09.11 – BC asks for Irish project secrecy, The Boston Globe
05.19.11 – Irish Americans welcome Queen’s historic visit to Ireland, Irish Central
05.17.11 – British Prime Minister may announce another Finucane inquiry, Irish Central
05.13.11 – Secret Archive of Ulster Troubles Faces Subpoena, The New York Times
08.18.09 – Demand Grows for North Envoy, Andersonstown News
01.22.09 – 20 years on–The fight for truth continues, Andersonstown News
12.31.08 – IAUC condemns comments at Nelson inquiry, Irish Echo
10.15.08 – Obama inspires both pleasure and distress, Irish Echo
10.15.08 – Obama Speaks on Irish Issues, Irish Voice
10.13.08 – IAUC Welcomes Statement from Obama, Relatives For Justice
10.08.08 – Obama calls for full Finucane murder probe, Belfast Telegraph
10.08.08 – Obama backs Northern Ireland truth process and Finucane inquiry, Amnesty International UK Blog
10.07.08 – Obama supports Finucane inquiry, Irish Abroad
08.19.08 – City-sponsored soapbox will air many views during RNC, Pioneer Press (Twin Cities/MN)
08.18.08 – Irish America Backs Finucanes in their campaign for an independent inquiry, Andersonstown News (Belfast)
08.11.08 – IAUC Announces Fundraising Effort; Calls on Irish America to Support The Pat Finucane Fund
07.23.08 – IAUC Sponsors Belfast’s Féile an Phobail, Irish Echo
07.17.08 – Irish Americans provide vital support for Festival
7.15.08 – IAUC Invests in Peace Through International Sponsorship of Féile an Phobail
06.18.08 – Why the North needs a truth commission, Irish Echo
06.17.08 – Former IRA men in US campaign, Derry Journal
06.14.08 – IAUC takes issue with Northern Ireland group, Irish Emigrant
6.12.08 – US IRA Men Start Campaign, Irish Voice
05.31.08 – IAUC President Responds to Statement of Consultative Group on the Past
05.29.08 – US IRA Men Call for Legal Status, Irish Voice
11.07.07 – Irish teen suicide problem needs cross-community support
11.06.07 – IAUC applauds McAllister decision; Condemns Status of Remaining Irish Deportees
10.15.07 – We need magnanimtiy that values diversity, Irish News
10.10.07 – IAUC covers new ground in cross-community dialogue at 2007 convention
10.09.07 – Deportees should engage with conflict commission: O’Loan, Irish Echo
10.09.07 – Unionists spark heated debate at IAUC convention, Irish Echo
09.11.07 – Boston IAUC Convention to Tackle Peace and Reconciliation Theme