Bill Clinton’s Eulogy for Martin McGuinness

Former US President Bill Clinton gave a touching eulogy at the funeral of former Irish Republican Army (IRA) commander and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland Martin McGuinness.


The following is the graveside oration for Martin McGuinness delivered

by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams at his funeral on March 23, 2017 Ar dtus ba mhaith liom mo chomhbhron a dheanamh le Bernie, bean cheile Martin, Fiachra, Grainne, Fionnuala agus Emmett agus garphaisti s’acu. Ta Sinn Fein an-bhroduil as Martin McGuinness. Cuis mhor broin againn uilig gur chaill muid […]


Implementation of previous agreements is required to form an Executive – O’Neill

Sinn Féin MLA Michelle O’Neill has said a deal to implement previous agreements is required in order to form an Executive. Michelle O’Neill said: “I spoke to the leaders of the other main parties and sought their agreement to cancel today’s sitting of the Assembly. That was the right decision. […]



Many Irish-Americans and others have been energized by the efforts of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Brehon Law Society and the Irish-American Unity Conference like never before.  Why?  The Congressional Hearing in May held by Congressman Smith on the British governments murder of Patrick Finucane, the 15th anniversary symposium held in […]


Showdown Looms on Boston College Subpoenas

It’s fish or cut bait time. We wish to thank those who have steadfastly persevered with our advocacy efforts as the litigation battle winds down.  Now every effort must be made to persuade our Attorney General, Secretary of State and the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that this is an […]


On Boston College & British Gangsters

Few who have followed the British demand for records from the Irish archives of Boston College understand their motive. Fewer still grasp why America would accede to it. Their demand ostensibly concerns a search for truth but, if the topic is Ireland, nobody is better at concealing it than Britain. The demand came in the form […]


Loyalism – The Lost Opportunity Redux The Lost Opportunity Redux – Tony Novosel 15/01/2013 When I finished writing Northern Ireland’s Lost Opportunity, I hoped it would begin a serious reappraisal of loyalism and move us away from what Graham Spencer calls, “the standard one-dimensional representation of loyalism that so dominates the media and popular imagination” as well […]


The flag protest

The following is a link to an RTE interview regarding the flags protest.  It does a pretty good job discussing the antecedents of the vote as well as what is “traditionally” done in GB in terms of flying the flag.  Naomi Long of Alliance is interviewed as is Willie Frazier […]


Hurricane Sandy Relief Donation Link

Anyone interested in sending funds to support relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy, please go to the following link: which is from the Emerald Isle Immigration Center’s website.  Thank you for helping.


2012 Biennial Convention

                      Come One, Come All! The Irish American Unity Conference Biennial Convention When:  October 12-13 2012 Where:  The Hilton Garden Inn at Harbor East, Baltimore, Maryland We believe all Irish Americans interested in contributing to building a United Ireland will […]