Judge Denies Former IRA Detainee’s Request to Stay

From Christopher Sherman, Associated Press: A former IRA militant living in the United States for nearly 25 years has been denied the right to remain in the country. Pol (PAUL) Brennan’s attorney was notified of the decision Friday. A spokeswoman for the immigration courts says the order was issued Wednesday. […]


Rosemary Nelson Inquiry Gone Astray

The following was written by IAUC member Ed Lynch: Friends: If you have been following the proceedings of the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry, I trust you will be as disappointed as I am with the persistent and unjustified attacks by counsel and witnesses on the cararacter of the deceased, Rosemary Nelson. […]


It’s Crucial that DPP Role in Hamill Case Be Scrutinised

An article by Susan McKay from the Irish News: As the families of those murdered on Bloody Sunday deal with the news that they must wait another full year to learn the outcome of the Saville Inquiry, the family of Robert Hamill must be bracing themselves for the start of the long-delayed […]