Baltimore to Commemorate An Gorta Mór


Recently the Irish Government formed a Commemoration Committee to honor the victims of the Great Hunger. People of Irish Heritage are asked to participate at Masses, memorial services and workshops to educate people about this man-made famine. This is a worldwide event because our ancestors, to survive the famine, left Ireland and settled around the world.


After waiting for 150 years, we finally have an opportunity to honor these victims and their memory by coming together to remember.


Join the Board of the Irish Railroad Workers Museum, A Shrine and the men, women and friends of the Maryland Irish organizations as we come together to join others throughout our United States, and indeed throughout the world, in this commemoration of our Irish ancestors.


DATE: Sunday, May 17, 2009


TIME: 1:30PM


PLACE: Mass at St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Poppleton Street

Baltimore, Maryland


Light reception immediately following Mass at the Irish Railroad Workers Museum on Lemmon Street. $5.00 cost. In memory of our Irish ancestors, net proceeds will be donated to Viva House to help feed the hungry.


RSVP: Mary Fran Swan

410 472 2291


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