The Benefits of Irish Unification – It’s the Economy Stupid!

Based on current economic analyses* conducted on the benefits of Irish unification the following estimates have been made: Unification will raise the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the six counties of Ireland currently under British rule, by 2.1 to 2.6 billion euro in the first year after unification. The GDP […]


Pat Finucane Memorial Event


March 2017 News Summary and Opinion Regarding the Snap Elections in the North

From Peter Kissel, President: As you might expect, the Nationalists’ surge in last week’s elections in the North has brought out a flurry of news articles, columns, and TV broadcasts in the Republic as well as the North. I am surprised that most of them have been quite respectful of […]


Irish Ambassador to the United States Anne Anderson Steps Down as Dan Mulhall takes on New Role

The Irish American Unity Conference will definitely miss Anne Anderson, but we will be establishing relationships with Ireland’s new Ambassador to the US, Dan Mulhall, immediately. Read some stories that profile him. Read some stories that profile him. Ambassador Mulhall’s remarks at BIPA’s Committee B, House of Commons, 27 February […]


The High Court for Northern Ireland has ruled…

The High Court for Northern Ireland has ruled that the Northern Ireland Executive is in breach of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 due to its failure to adopt a strategy to accommodate the Irish language, as required by the Belfast Agreement as amended by the St. Andrew’s Agreement. The key […]


PSNI investigation into Jean Smyth-Campbell murder would not be independent

From Irish Legal News, March 6, 2017: A fresh PSNI investigation into the 1972 murder of Jean Smyth-Campbell would not meet the requirements of article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, the High Court in Belfast has ruled. Margaret McQuillan, sister of Ms. Smyth-Campbell, initiated judicial review proceedings […]


IAUC National Convention

Irish American Unity Conference – Working for justice and peace in a reunited Ireland Please join us for our 30th National Convention Friday and Saturday, October 10 and 11, 2014 Hilton Garden Inn, Washington, DC/US Capitol Guests and Speakers for Saturday Program Include: Pat Doherty, Sinn Fein, MP West Tyrone, […]


The U.S. Role in the Irish Conflict

THE U. S. ROLE IN THE IRISH CONFLICT  By Michael Cummings  Most Americans have become accustomed to thinking that Britain’s partition of Ireland in 1920 without benefit of one Irish vote and the conflict that ensues today is solely Britain’s doing. Not exactly. The British government could not have perfected partition without America’s help. Indifference […]



COMMENTARY BY MICHAEL CUMMINGS – President Obama’s Special Envoy to Ireland, Ambassador Richard Haass, will shortly end his mission to seek common ground on three contentious issues stalling the progress of peace in Northern Ireland.  Actually the disputes over flags and parades are the side show.  The main point of […]


From Boston College News on HET

  So the tapes have been handed over –   Crisis In Historical Enquiries Team Probe Of NI’s Past Shows Need For A Fresh Start And An End To Boston College Probe   Crisis In Historical Enquiries Team Probe Of NI’s Past Shows Need For A Fresh Start And An End […]


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